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2015-07-23 | Child Benefit Poilievre

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The federal Employment and Social Development minister says every family receiving the Universal Child Care Benefit will get more money than they did before changes came into effect in January. Pierre Poilievre is responding to comments and online posts from analysts in recent days who say the elimination of the Child Tax Credit and the fact the benefit is taxable will leave very little extra money in the hands of families. Speaking in Fredericton, Poilievre says every family will get more money. (Fred O'Riordan of Ernst and Young says after taxes and the elimination of the tax credit, parents in the middle to high tax brackets will be able to keep about 15 dollars of the increase per month. He says people should be prepared to have to pay the taxes on the increased benefit come tax time in April.)

Date: 2015-07-23
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << every single family there's no there is literally no circumstance where anyone could be worse off because we increasing the universal child care benefit is so large that it it it it, Statesboro >>