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2015-07-31 | NS Film Fund

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Film workers say a cloud of uncertainty has shrouded the province's film industry since the implementation of a new incentive program, forcing many workers to find employment elsewhere with no major projects on the horizon. Marc Almon, co-chairman of Screen Nova Scotia, says summer is normally a busy filming season for the province, but the fallout from the government's decision this spring to slash the film tax credit created uncertainty that may have dissuaded projects from coming. But he says the new system does have the potential to work. (Almon says his organization is working with Nova Scotia Business Inc., the arm's-length Crown corporation that administers the fund, to promote the fund and bring major projects back to the province.)

Date: 2015-07-31
Placeline: HALIFAX.
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Transcript Prediction: << the danger is we're going to lose some critical infrastructure that has taken 20 years to build here if we don't find work for people soon so I'll just say that I think there's the potential is for the industry to enter survive this >>