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2015-08-10 | FedElxn Harper Duffy

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Three words in an email continue to haunt Prime Minister Harper as the trial for disgraced former Conservative Senator Mike Duffy prepares to resume. Harper denies he ever said a 90-thousand dollar payment to Duffy to cover expense claims was "good to go," as a famous email from the P-M's former chief of staff suggests. But NDP leader Tom Mulcair says Harper has already admitted to uttering the phrase. (The Duffy trial is scheduled to continue Wednesday, with Nigel Wright -- Harper's former chief of staff -- taking the stand.)

Date: 2015-08-10
Placeline: VANCOUVER.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << so I remember asking Stephen Harper in the House of Commons what he meant by good to go when he said that to naija right now the prime minister in the House of Commons confirmed that he said good to go but he said it was with regard to mr. Duffy paying his own expenses will see how that does but the Prime Minister never denied in the House of Commons that he had indeed said good to go I hear he's trying to back away from that today I'm anxious to see the rest >>