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2015-08-13 | NB Energy East

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New Brunswick's energy minister says he doesn't think a new report that raises concerns about the proposed Energy East pipeline is a setback for the project. The Ontario Energy Board says the environmental risks of the 12-billion dollar project outweigh the potential benefits, and warns it will drive up natural gas prices. Donald Arseneault says he wants to read the Ontario report in detail, but he still is fully behind the project. (Arseneault says he was impressed with the consultation process in New Brunswick and the proposed route was changed when residents said it was too close to the watershed for the city of Edmundston.)

Date: 2015-08-13
Placeline: SHIPPAGAN, New Brunswick.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << we see the true economic benefits of of the energies pipeline going to create thousands of dog not only in construction for the country in terms of to get her or they're hungry for that oil and we need to get it out then if we can get it out so I can pray some economic returns for not only the government of Canada but also the Governor of New Brunswick >>