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2015-08-21 | Duffy Trial FedElxn

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The Liberals are joining the NDP in fanning the Mike Duffy flames, asking the Mounties to expand their investigation into the Senate expense scandal. Canadian Press reporter Terry Pedwell says the Liberals want the RCMP to look into messages sent to and from Stephen Harper's chief of staff because they may be relevant to Duffy's fraud trial. (Earlier this week, the NDP sent a letter to the RCMP commissioner, asking him to consider laying charges against Wright and up to a dozen other staffers in the Prime Minister's Office for their alleged roles in covering up the Duffy expense scandal.)

Date: 2015-08-21
Placeline: OTTAWA.
Source: The Canadian Press
Length: 28 seconds

Transcript Prediction: << Mike Duffy's trial this week heard that Ray Novak was present for discussions about a controversial $90,000 payment in 2013 by Stephen Harper's previous Chief of Staff Nigel Wright to cover Duffy's questionable expenses liberal candidate Dominic LeBlanc is now asking the RCMP and the information commissioner to look into text messages and blackberry pin messages sent and received by Novak after I testified that the two were in contact a little over two weeks ago around the start of the federal election campaign >>