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2015-08-28 | Alberta Royalty Review

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The Alberta government has officially launched its review of the rates it charges companies to mine for oil and gas. Some have asked the province to delay its review because of low oil prices. But panel chairman Dave Mowat notes the government has promised not to make any royalty changes until 2017 so that the industry can plan for the upcoming year. (The panel's final report is expected by the end of 2015.)

Date: 2015-08-28
Placeline: EDMONTON.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << you know where I'm at a difficult time in Alberta for sure right now but I think it's a very important to know what the minister said is there creating a 16-month window around us for the rules stay the same from now until December 31st so what better time to do it then when you create this bubble around the review >>