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2015-08-28 | FedElxn Mulcair

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NDP leader Tom Mulcair and Liberal leader Justin Trudeau are both wooing voters in Montreal today -- sparring over who would best manage the economy. Mulcair insists the NDP remains the party of social democracy despite his pledge to bring in balanced budgets. He also took aim at Conservative leader Stephen Harper for saying spending promises by both the NDP and the Liberals would lead to high deficits and high taxes. (Mulcair also notes that Justin Trudeau was campaigning today with former finance minister and prime minister Paul Martin. He says the Liberal leader should be careful in accusing the NDP of having a Tory austerity agenda while standing beside a man he calls "the king of austerity.")

Date: 2015-08-28
Placeline: MONTREAL.
Source: The Canadian Press
Length: 16 seconds

Transcript Prediction: << Stephen Harper has no lessons to give to anybody on public management for the first time in Canadian history we couldn't get the grain to Market from the West we can't do anything in terms of military procurement he can't deliver a fighter jet to the military even deliver the mail >>