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2015-09-16 | FedElxn Nenshi

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Calgary Mayor Naheed (nah-HEHD') Nenshi (NEHN'-shee) says Canada is still not doing enough to help Syrian refugees. Nenshi says other countries have figured out how to bring in more refugees while Canada stands on the sidelines. He says he hasn't heard anything from the federal government about how the country will welcome those in need. (Nenshi met today with Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau and NDP Leader Tom Mulcair, as both hope to make inroads in the former Conservative stronghold.)

Date: 2015-09-16
Placeline: CALGARY.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << you know all I've heard from the federal government is that I really ought not to be a terrorist if I don't want my citizenship stripped from me know we haven't heard anything from them as a matter of fact if we need to reaffirm the Canada's welcoming Nation we also have to back it up with action >>