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2015-09-25 | ENT FILM Oscars Cda

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Telefilm Canada has announced that "Felix et Meira" -- directed by Maxime Giroux (zhe-ROO') -- has been selected as Canada's Oscar hopeful in the best foreign-language film category. It deals with the unusual romance between a married Orthodox Jewish woman and a young man mourning his father's death in Montreal's Mile End neighbourhood. Co-producer Sylvain Corbeil (kor-BAY') praised many of the actors who came from the Hasidic community. (The selection was made by a committee of 23 voting members representing major government agencies and national film industry associations. The 88th Academy Awards will be held February 28th.)

Date: 2015-09-25
Placeline: MONTREAL.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << how many of the actors come from X has static background so there are actually real has to take people that left the community and throughout our research for this film we discovered we met many of them and we discovered it was a very very huge step to make cuz once you leave you're going to be an outcast in your family in your community so for them to have discouraged was also a great source of inspiration for us >>