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2015-09-25 | Trans Mountain

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Kinder Morgan has filed new evidence to the National Energy Board that touts the economic benefits of its proposed Trans Mountain pipeline expansion. The filings replace evidence that the regulator ordered stricken from the record last month. One report by Dallas-based consulting firm Muse Stancil says the project is expected to add 73.5 billion dollars to oil producers' bottom lines during its 20-year life. Neil Earnest is the president of Muse Stancil. He says the Trans Mountain expansion makes economic sense. (Last month, the NEB panel weighing the 5.4 billion dollar project said any evidence prepared by Steven Kelly, then a consultant with IHS Global Canada, must be removed from the regulatory application. That's because Kelly has been appointed to a seven-year term at the National Energy Board and the panel said his dual role may raise concerns about the integrity of the hearing process.)

Date: 2015-09-25
Placeline: DALLAS.
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Transcript Prediction: << love you this is a fairly straightforward analysis it connects a huge source of crude oil supply was a growing Market or Market that has a growing demand for crude oil and it does that and very economically efficient basis >>