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2015-10-03 | FedElxn Debate

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There was another heated exchange over the niqab during the final French language-debate, and this time it was Stephen Harper who was targeted by his opponents. Liberal leader Justin Trudeau and NDP leader Tom Mulcair ganged up on Harper. The NDP leader points out that the courts have ruled against a ban on face coverings during citizenship ceremonies. (Recent polls suggest support for the NDP in Quebec is slipping. Mulcair supports the existing rule which states anyone seeking citizenship must uncover their face before swearing the oath. The majority of Quebecers say it should be uncovered when the oath is taken.)

Date: 2015-10-03
Placeline: MONTREAL.
Source: The Canadian Press
Length: 17 seconds

Transcript Prediction: << in a free and Democratic Society when the court should rule is no longer a question of what you like or you don't like it it's a question of respecting that decision and that's what we were trying to edit to tell the people who've been trying to use this as as a wedge in this campaign to divide people want against down there >>