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2015-10-05 | SPORTS BBA: Tampa Bay 12 Blue Jays 3

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Pitching on short rest as the Blue Jays tried to get him two innings to reach 200 for the 15th straight season, Mark Buehrle (BURR'-lee) couldn't get out of the first inning in a 12-3 loss to Tampa Bay. The veteran left-hander says it was a disappointing ending.

Date: 2015-10-05
Placeline: ST. PETERSBURG, Florida.
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Transcript Prediction: << what's was going crazy in Enfield right on Friday and 160 2/3 today I fell green kick out the first any until the weird game but again and we wasn't meant to be with another couple games so I can and I'll tend to get it but we have to go over and try to start another streak next year if that's possible LOL still undecided >>