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2015-10-13 | Fahmy Returning Home

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Canadian journalist Mohamed Fahmy says he felt abandoned by Prime Minister Stephen Harper during his imprisonment in Egypt on terror-related charges. Fahmy is in Toronto, where he held a news conference hosted by Canadian Journalists for Free Expression. The former Al-Jazeera journalist was arrested in Egypt in 2013 with two colleagues and was finally pardoned last month. (Fahmy says he made sure to come back to Canada during the election campaign because he feels it his responsibility to start a debate on the issue. While he says he has no plans to endorse a candidate -- he has already met with Liberal leader Justin Trudeau and plans to meet with NDP leader Tom Mulcair.)

Date: 2015-10-13
Placeline: TORONTO.
Source: The Canadian Press
Length: 23 seconds

Transcript Prediction: << in myself I refuse to recognize in the beginning that mr. Harper was not putting his full Cloud behind me I just don't accept it my mind could not accept it but then I realized that there was a chorus from the International Community of journalists and politicians and even Egyptian officials were telling us that mr. Harper was not there for you >>