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2015-10-13 | Saskatchewan Emergency Waits

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The Opposition NDP is accusing the Saskatchewan government of backing away from a promise to eliminate emergency room waits by 2017. Premier Brad Wall, who announced the goal in 2012, says the government is not backing away from its commitment. But Health Minister Dustin Duncan later acknowledged with reporters that the timeline has changed. (NDP Leader Cam Broten says there have been terrible consequences because of long E-R waits and points to the case of Michael Line. The 45-year-old Line went to a Swift Current hospital in August with chest pains and died after waiting three and a half hours.)

Date: 2015-10-13
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Transcript Prediction: << you know I think it's fair to say that we're not going to get to a 08 by 2017 but it is still Our intention to see a substantial reduction in ER Waits by 2017 and with the eventuality of getting to zero at a later date >>