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2015-10-14 | Saskatchewan Emergency Waits

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Saskatchewan Health Minister Dustin Duncan says the government will not reach its goal of eliminating emergency room wait times by 2017. Duncan says the plan is still to substantially reduce wait times by then -- and ultimately eliminate them -- but he isn't giving a new timeline. (Duncan's comments came after the Opposition accused the Saskatchewan government of quietly backing away from its promise. NDP Leader Cam Broten (BROH'-ten) says the decision was just a few lines in the Ministry of Health's annual report.)

Date: 2015-10-14
Placeline: REGINA.
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Transcript Prediction: << to get to Zero by 2017 isn't isn't going to happen that doesn't mean we're abandoning we're walking away from the goal to see significant reductions in wait times in the emergency departments at with the ultimate goal is still seeing a 08 IDI >>