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2015-10-15 | FedElxn NDP

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NDP Leader Tom Mulcair is attacking the Liberals over the resignation of Justin Trudeau's national campaign co-chairman. Dan Gagnier resigned after it emerged he advise TransCanada Corporation on how to lobby a new government on the Energy East pipeline. You could hear the glee in Mulcair's voice as he told supporters in Alma, Quebec that behind the scenes the Liberal Party is still the same old gang pulling the same old tricks. (Mulcair continues to insist that there is a real three-way race, despite opinion polls that show the Liberals gaining momentum.)

Date: 2015-10-15
Placeline: ALMA, Quebec.
Source: The Canadian Press
Length: 22 seconds

Transcript Prediction: << sending strategic advice on lobbying from the War Room 7 days before the election that's the old Liberal Party and I'm glad Canadians have a chance to see it before the election on Monday and know that for the first time in a hundred and forty eight years we don't have to alternate between liberal corruption and conservative corruption >>