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2015-10-15 | Teachers Talks WynneTORONTO.

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Premier Kathleen Wynne says there's a lot of frustration over the fact there's still no tentative contract agreement with the Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario. The teachers union was fuming after school boards put out a statement saying the talks stalled on the issues of sick leave and benefits. Wynne says the school boards wanted to let parents know what was going on. (ETFO president Sam Hammond says the statement from the school boards undermined any goodwill and progress made at the bargaining table, and warned the union would re-evaluate how it was going to proceed.)

Date: 2015-10-15
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Transcript Prediction: << parents don't know why there isn't a resolution to this I think that's out of the frustration that the the boards are feeling they wanted to put information into the public round the den one of the takeaways from the statement that are unresolved >>