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2015-10-26 | Boat Sinking

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Residents of the district of Tofino are rallying around the victims -- and the first responders -- following yesterday's sinking of a 20-metre whale-watching boat. The Canadian Press reporter Dirk Meissner is in the west coast Vancouver Island community. He spoke to Robert Burridge, who was visiting the Ahousaht First Nation, just north of Tofino, when the first mayday call came in shortly after 4 p.m. Meissner says Burridge watched the entire First Nation spring to action to recover those who died and to help the 21 survivors. (Community health nurses are travelling to Ahousaht today to assist band members trying to cope with the tragedy. Britain's Foreign Office says five of the victims have been identified as British nationals. A sixth person remains missing.)

Date: 2015-10-26
Placeline: TOFINO.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << are available boat was out in the water looking and they spend much of the night and early this morning looking for the one missing passenger than he says that's part of the culture not to leave a person out in the water try to find them as quickly as possible bring them home >>