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2015-10-30 | 24 Sussex Renos

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A home renovation expert turned T-V celebrity says Canadians would benefit if the construction project that could soon transform the prime minister's official residence is documented for all to see. There have been a few suggestions, most of them tongue-in-cheek, that the project could be turned into a reality T-V series. Bryan Baeumler, host of HGTV's "House of Bryan" and "Canada's Handyman Challenge," says the notion immediately raises multiple questions about historical integrity, security and red tape. But Baeumler says it could generate publicity for companies that get involved and give people in Canada more of a sense of ownership of the property that has become an iconic Canadian symbol. (Questions about what do to with 24 Sussex Drive surfaced after Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau announced this week that he and his family would not be moving into the official residence of the prime minister, but would instead live in a cottage located on the grounds of Rideau Hall.)

Date: 2015-10-30
Placeline: OTTAWA.
Source: The Canadian Press
Length: 17 seconds

Transcript Prediction: << I kind of think if there was the opportunity to do some publicity or or show or or document the procession some way I think that would help to to elevate the status may be a little bit make Canadians a little more proud of our democracy in our system in our infrastructure >>