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2015-10-30 | SPORTS SOC MLS Whitecaps Timbers

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The Vancouver Whitecaps visit the Portland Timbers on Sunday in the first leg of their MLS Western Conference semifinal. Portland needed a shootout victory on Thursday to advance to this round, while Vancouver will have had a week off by the time the teams kick off. But Whitecaps goalkeeper David Ousted (OOS'-sted) says he expects a tough opponent. (The Whitecaps will play their first-ever home playoff game on November 8th in the second leg.)

Date: 2015-10-30
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Transcript Prediction: << they use that a lot of energy getting away with that wind but but let me be the first to warn everybody that it's not going to be easy I don't see the Portland team just lying down and then staying there their they're tired we're going into playoff game we're going into since their stadium so they're going to be up for the challenge and then we hopefully have a little bit more INR tank and we need to show that >>