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2015-11-12 | Alberta Racist Tirade

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A Calgary cab driver has received an apology from the RCMP for its handling of a case two years ago involving an abusive passenger. A video from the cab's dashcam showed a front-seat taxi passenger using racial slurs and telling driver Sardar Qayyum (KI'-em), to go back to where he came from. Corporal Sharon Franks says it wasn't possible to lay criminal charges because the passenger agreed to pay damages and the force is sorry. (Qayyum received the apology from the detachment commander in Airdrie this mornng.)

Date: 2015-11-12
Placeline: CALGARY.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << the original investigating officer in this matter really thought that by getting restitution for the taxi driver that the officer was doing a good deed and unfortunately what it did was circuit court process which is not what we would recommend for sure and you know we are apologizing for Mystic I am for that that he didn't get his day in court >>