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2015-11-17 | Syria Refugees Wall

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The head of an Islamic social services group says a call to suspend the plan to bring in 25-thousand Syrian refugees by year's end is a knee-jerk reaction. Shahina Siddiqui (shah-HEE'-nah sih-DEE'-kee) is the president of the Islamic Social Services Association. She says the call made Monday by Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall was disappointing and irresponsible. Siddiqui says many of those coming to Canada are children or elderly. (Wall says the plan to bring in refugees shouldn't be driven by a deadline and a quota, but by safety and settlement issues.)

Date: 2015-11-17
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Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << so they're coming here because they have no other choice and they're coming for Century so what kind of sanctuary are we going to provide if we are going to be constantly looking at them but suspicion I will be hoping to have a healthy integration >>