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2015-11-18 | Chase The Ace

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The Chase the Ace lottery craze that gripped Cape Breton earlier this year is getting a reboot. The wildly popular fundraising game attracted thousands of people to the tiny community of Inverness -- and it's starting up again this weekend at the local Royal Canadian Legion. Meanwhile, Chase the Ace fever has spread to eastern Prince Edward Island. Tignish fire Chief Harley Perry says the jackpot could be as high as 650-thousand dollars on Friday night. (Chase the Ace is like a 50-50 draw, except the winner gets 20 per cent of the total ticket sales and a change at winning a bigger jackpot if they pull the ace of spades from a deck of cards.)

Date: 2015-11-18
Placeline: TIGNISH, Prince Edward Island.
Source: The Canadian Press
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