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2015-11-18 | NS Auditor General Report

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Nova Scotia's auditor general says the funding formula for the province's 10 universities hasn't been updated since 2011. Michael Pickup says the formula is based on old enrolment data. He says the Advanced Education Department told him it is concerned potential changes could mean less money for schools. Advanced Education Minister Kelly Regan says the formula question is being addressed. (Regan says a new funding formula is expected to be part of a new memorandum of understanding with universities, which she expects will be ready by the end of this year.)

Date: 2015-11-18
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Transcript Prediction: << we've been modeling a bunch of different models to see if there are some universities that feel they were disadvantaged in the past and so we've been we've been looking at that we didn't leave a bunch of different models and will be including some accountability and outcome measures in that in the future >>