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2015-11-20 | Ottawa Fiscal Update

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Ottawa is forecasting a budget deficit this fiscal year of three-billion dollars, blaming a weakened global economy. But as Canadian Press reporter Terry Pedwell tells us, finance Minister Bill Morneaus fall fiscal update doesnt include any of the spending commitments made by the Liberals during the election campaign. (Morneaus current projections forecast a surplus of 6.6-billion dollars by fiscal 2020-21.)

Date: 2015-11-20
Placeline: OTTAWA.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << on the surface it looks gloomy or three billion dollar spending whole this year rising to a nearly 4 billion dollar deficit next fiscal year before reverting to budget surpluses in the following two years the Outlook doesn't include spending promises made by the Liberals during the election campaign but the Finance Minister makes clear he plans to spend that money Bill Morneau says there will be transformative investments in infrastructure and the middle class >>