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2015-11-25 | Alberta MLA Killed Travel

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Politicians across the Prairies say the death of an Alberta MLA on Monday is a grim reminder of a hidden danger they face as part of their jobs -- spending numerous hours on the road alone, often when the weather is bad. Ken Krawetz (KRAH'-vetz) has spent about two decades travelling as a member of the Saskatchewan legislature and in that time he has slid across icy roads, hydroplaned on slushy highways and ended up in ditches. (The former Saskatchewan finance minister says he has hit deer on two occasions and a coyote, but has never been hurt.)

Date: 2015-11-25
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Transcript Prediction: << look up a little bit there's no question that I've had near misses of you know sliding on ice and Slidin by a you know a car or something like that where we're going to leave emotionally yours shook up for for a while you you realize just how lucky it was two to actually still be Seattle safe on the on the highway >>