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2015-11-27 | NS Municipal Voting

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The Nova Scotia government wants to make it easier for residents to vote in municipal and school board elections. People who have recently moved to a community would able to vote if they've lived in Nova Scotia for six months instead of having to live in that community for three months before being eligible under the changes being brought in by the province. Municipal Affairs Minister Zach Churchill says the previous rule was seen as unfair to those wishing to vote. (Municipal and school board elections are scheduled for October.--)

Date: 2015-11-27
Placeline: HALIFAX.
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Transcript Prediction: << the eligibility date to the advanced pole we believe we can we can accomplish that so that if you move from Truro to Yarmouth or from Halifax to Cape Breton or vice versa you will be able to participate in that election even if you've only been living there for us for a month or two >>