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2015-12-02 | Ont Auditor

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Auditor general Bonnie Lysyk says Ontario's Liberal government knew there were problems with a new system for disability and welfare payments, but decided to launch it anyway. Lysyk says the government is spending an extra 52 million dollars on fixes bringing the total cost for the computer system close to 300 million dollars but put the system on line without adequate testing. (The auditor found the social assistance management system erroneously calculated 89-million-dollars in potential over payments and 51-million-dollars in potential under payments to people relying on welfare and disability supports.)

Date: 2015-12-02
Placeline: TORONTO.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << there was a decision by a committee to accept some risk and let the system go in what they call the big bang approach I didn't file it system role have though all the information on the testing results so they made a decision without a full picture of what the problems were >>