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2015-12-09 | Foster Teen Death

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A Vancouver lawyer says Alex Gervais had been living at a private care home for seven years before the government moved him to an Abbotsford hotel earlier this year where he died in an apparent suicide. Bryan Baynham (BAY-nam) says British Columbia's Children's Ministry moved too quickly to terminate private care contracts with his client, A Community Vision for Children and Families, after investigating drugs and weapons reports. (Newly released documents indicate B-C's director of child welfare received allegations last January of caregivers using drugs and possessing weapons, which resulted in four people losing their jobs and the closure of the private facilities.)

Date: 2015-12-09
Placeline: VICTORIA.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << the child who died and been in the care of our clients for 7 years and one caregiver for a right up until April last year of two months before they terminated the contract a new caregiver came in the same house >>