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2015-12-12 | Climate Countdown Cda

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Now that a global climate change agreement has been reached, it's up to Canada to come up with firm emission reduction targets. Federal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna says it was an incredible this weekend to see nearly 200 countries agree to reduce carbon emissions. She says political leaders in Canada know they must take action. (Conservative MP Ed Fast says he hopes Canadian industry will be consulted before the Trudeau government releases its emissions targets.)

Date: 2015-12-12
Placeline: PARIS.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << Canadians know that we need to act and this is what we're going to do we're going to go home we've already started meeting with the provinces and territories we had premiers most females were here we had I had my counterparts the environment environment Lee ministers and now it's time to do the hard work >>