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2016-01-11 | BC HIV

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B-C experts are joining a team trying to control an HIV outbreak in rural Indiana. Diane Janowicz (JAN'-oh-wits) is an expert in infectious disease at Indiana University, and says it's a unique opportunity to use the innovative strategies of the B-C Centre of Excellence in HIV AIDS outside of an urban area. (The B-C experts will help identify what factors influence patients using HIV care in the area, and identify risks for spreading the disease.)

Date: 2016-01-11
Placeline: BLOOMINGTON, Indiana.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << we wanted to be able to collaborate with them because that's where we've not had an HIV outbreak such as what we're seeing in Austin Indiana and Scott County in a rural setting in the United States. This is really a unique opportunity to be able to collaborate with them and use a lot of their expertise that they've already developed and half up and running in British Columbia >>