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2016-01-11 | Saskatchewan Uranium Spill

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A stretch of highway in southwest Saskatchewan has been cordoned off until morning after a tractor-trailer carrying 63 drums of uranium concentrate bound for a refinery rolled, spilling a small part of its load. Captain Greg Campbell of the Swift Current fire department says there was a minor crack in the container carrying the yellowcake, but the spill is mostly contained. (RCMP have notified residents within a 1.6-kilometre radius of what happened, but say an evacuation was deemed unnecessary because there were no homes downwind from the scene.)

Date: 2016-01-11
Placeline: SWIFT CURRENT, Saskatchewan.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << we've just created a safe area around like not allowing anybody close to it that the product actually belongs to chemicals so then there is basically contractors that have been sent down through them to basically do the cleanup >>