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2016-01-14 | Long Term Care Crisis

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A new report says Canada's health-care system is struggling to find the resources to provide adequate long-term care for people who can no longer live in their homes -- and the challenge has already reached the crisis stage in Nova Scotia. The report says the province's system is plagued by understaffing, excessive workloads, demoralized workers and unsafe working conditions. Nova Scotia Nurses Union president Janet Hazelton says working at a long-term care facility is dangerous. (The report includes 15 recommendations for improvement, including a call to update legislation that hasn't been changed in 38 years, hiring more long-term care nurses, improving monitoring and launching an independent inquiry.)

Date: 2016-01-14
Placeline: HALIFAX.
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Transcript Prediction: << I believe that the Staffing level is inadequate and we had a couple of incidents in the last year that we all know them that happened in our long-term care facilities in this province where a senior resident to resident Biden's which ended up in two deaths >>