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2016-01-26 | CRIME Travis Vader

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A judge has ruled that a trial will go ahead for Travis Vader, who is charged with murder after the mysterious disappearance of two Alberta seniors. The judge rejected arguments from defence lawyers that the case should be dropped over alleged abuse of process and a delay in getting the case to trial. Lyle and Marie McCann were last seen fuelling up their motorhome just north of Edmonton in 2010. Their son Bret McCann says he was worried the judge might toss the case. (Vader was initially charged in 2012 but the charges were stayed days before a trial was to begin in 2014 -- and the Crown then re-laid them nine months later. The trial is now set to start March 8th.)

Date: 2016-01-26
Placeline: EDMONTON.
Source: The Canadian Press
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