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2016-02-08 | School Storm Days

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If there's a lesson for school districts to learn about whether to declare a storm day, it's that people will say the decision is wrong. The school board in Halifax found itself on the receiving end of grief through social media Monday for deciding to cancel classes because of a storm that didn't materialize -- but a spokesman said there were concerns about getting students home safely. Education consultant Paul Bennett says safety has to be the first priority, but he's concerned when storm days become a pattern. (David Phillips, senior climatologist with Environment Canada, says Atlantic Canada leads the country for freezing rain and snowfalls of 10 centimetres or more, so it's no surprise the region gets more school storm days than other parts of the country.)

Date: 2016-02-08
Placeline: HALIFAX.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << we don't upset so much about individual school days lost but we do concentrate all of our efforts on finding policy solutions for chronic and repetitive school time lost and we do know that student performance and learning suffers after a succession of days lost >>