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2016-03-10 | Alberta Union Negotiator

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Alberta Premier Rachel Notley is defending her decision to hire a former union negotiator to bargain with public sector unions. Notley says Kevin Davediuk (duh-VED'-ee-uck) is the best person to protect the interests of taxpayers. She also says her government was not trying to hide the appointment by failing to publicize it. (Up until this week, Davediuk was a senior negotiator with the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees. The opposition Wildrose says Davediuk is too close to the unions and that taxpayer interests are at risk in bargaining.)

Date: 2016-03-10
Placeline: EDMONTON.
Source: The Canadian Press
Length: 10 seconds

Transcript Prediction: << we didn't expect that it would be that much news because we didn't expect people to misunderstand the nature of Labor Relations as much as some of the people in the opposition do >>