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2016-03-12 | Trudeau US

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Prime Minister Trudeau and his family are now back in Ottawa after what -- by all accounts -- was a very successful official visit to Washington D-C. There was a lot pomp and ceremony, brass bands and official functions. But for Bruce Heyman, the US ambassador to Canada, there was one short interlude that really stood out for him, when three generations of Trudeaus and Obamas spent a private half-hour in the upstairs residential part of the White House, taking in the view from Truman balcony. (Heyman says those kinds of personal connections will be what people most remember about the three-day visit. He also says the personal connections went far beyond the leaders' families, and included the hundreds of officials who got to know each other while working on policy announcements to cut methane emissions, protect the Arctic, and experiment with a new system for border screening.)

Date: 2016-03-12
Placeline: WASHINGTON, D.C..
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << you could just see from the funeral the LED eyes and the big smiles and you know that everybody was so happy to be there and be together and I think it was showing the love for not only each other's families before our two countries >>