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2016-03-23 | FedBudget Veterans

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The federal budget contained 5.6-billion dollars for ex-soldiers but Mike Blais of Canadian Veterans Advocacy isn't happy. The government is raising the lump-sum disability award next year for wounds suffered in the line of duty from a maximum of 310-thousand dollars to 360-thousand. But that's far below other countries like Britain, where the payout is closer to one-million dollars, prompting Blais to say he'll continue to describe it as the "chump sum" -- not the lump-sum -- award. Blais also says soldiers wounded prior to the 2006 introduction of the new veterans charter receive substantially less. (One of the marquee Liberal promises to veterans in the last election was to return to a system of pension-for-life system -- or provide soldiers a choice between that or a lump-sum option. There was no sign of such changes in the budget, but Veterans Affairs Minister Kent Hehr says the government is still firmly behind the promise and needs time to consult with interested parties on how it can be delivered.)

Date: 2016-03-23
Placeline: OTTAWA.
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