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2016-03-30 | Plane Crash

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Investigators today will begin trying to determine what caused a plane crash that took seven lives, including Jean Lapierre -- a former federal Liberal cabinet minister. Lapierre, his wife, three of his siblings, and two pilots were killed yesterday when their twin-engine plane crashed on Iles-de-la-Madeleine, Quebec in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Date: 2016-03-30
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Transcript Prediction: << the last two years were on their way to attend their father's funeral after John LaPierre left active politics 9 years ago he became a very noted political commentator in both English and French media don't let me hear was minister of Transport in the government of then Prime Minister Paul Martin who paid tribute he's one of the finest political analyst I ever met he works so hard out of prime minister Justin Trudeau says he was shaken by word of La Pier's death which he calls a great loss to the political world Bill Marshall the Canadian press >>