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2016-04-05 | SaskElxn

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Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall is getting little time to revel in winning a third term after yesterday's provincial election. Wall says his government has to immediately get to work on a new budget. The premier also continues to dismiss speculation that he'll run for the federal Conservative leadership. (Wall also says he's not going to be a thorn in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's side, but says he'll defend Saskatchewan's interests nationally.)

Date: 2016-04-05
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Transcript Prediction: << I'm not running federally and I don't know what you'll be doing in four and a half years because I don't know what'll intervene in your life that might preclude what you're doing now and that's the same for me and my family but I ran for the term for and a half years it's November 2nd 2020 that's the date we got to start gearing up for I think we'll probably lay off the door knocking for at least 3 weeks >>