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2016-05-02 | Sales Ban Doorsteps

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The Ontario government is being urged to pass legislation that would ban the door-to-door sales of furnaces, air conditioners, water heaters and water treatment systems. Lexy Fogel of Toronto said a home energy company visited her mother last year and insisted she needed a new furnace, even though her existing one was just five years old. Fogel says seniors need protection from aggressive and unscrupulous sales people. (Liberal MPP Yvan (EE'-von) Baker says many seniors complain about misrepresentation, partial or incomplete delivery of goods, billing disputes and difficulties in cancelling contracts after buying a furnace or water heater at the door.)

Date: 2016-05-02
Placeline: TORONTO.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << at least my mother has me as an advocate I'm sure there's many seniors who don't have family nearby fight for them in these sorts of situations like this a bill like this is so important because what companies are doing is Criminal >>