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2016-05-09 | SPORTS RAC Derby Gutierrez

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Vancouver horse racing fans were jubilant this weekend as 29-year-old jockey Mario Gutierrez rode Canadian colt Nyquist to victory in the Kentucky Derby. Gutierrez started his racing career in Vancouver and stunned the racing world when he captured his first Kentucky Derby in 2012. His second attempt -- and success -- at the race gives him focus heading into the second leg of the Triple Crown later this month at the Preakness Stakes in Baltimore. But he's still savouring the weekend victory. (Victories at both the Preakness and the Belmont Stakes in New York state next month would make Gutierrez the second jockey to take home the Triple Crown in 38 years.)

Date: 2016-05-09
Placeline: LOUISVILLE.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << I'm in a very very special happy place right now you know be able to enjoy this win and yeah I think I'm all this second person and it hasn't been done in over a hundred years karaoke wins back-to-back Kentucky Derby so I mean like I said a lot of joy >>