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2016-05-18 | Commons Scuffle

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has apologized after opposition MPs accused him of manhandling another member on the floor of the Commons in the moments before a key vote. Trudeau says he was just trying to help the Liberal party whip through a throng of MPs. (Tempers were on edge in the Commons as the government pushed through a motion to limit debate on its assisted-dying bill.)

Date: 2016-05-18
Placeline: OTTAWA.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << mr. Pickle's we are gathered here for a for a vote after the time that counted down I observed our whip walking down the aisle to proceed with the vote I had noticed that the official opposition with seem to be impeded in his progress down the hall oh and I felt as if it's locked in respect for Parliament and you did for the function. The official altercation whip is endeavoring to deliver on all of our behalf so I walked over to encourage the member to come through and indeed I offered my arm extended to help him come through the gaggle of MPS as standing there impeding his progress down the aisle impeding our ability to move forward with this important boat mr. speaker in so doing in so doing I admit I came I in physical contact with a number of members as I extended my arm in a including at someone behind me who I did not say I certainly did not intend to 10 or or or impact on anyone I was simply concerned that unfortunately the decorum of this place has been impeded by the kind of of preventing of the work that the whips are doing if anyone feels that they were impacted by my actions I completely apologize I was not my intention to hurt anyone it certainly wasn't >>