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2016-05-30 | SASKBudget

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Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall says the province is facing a one billion dollar shortfall in resource revenue. Wall made the comment in the legislature yesterday while defending cuts to heritage language schools as part of a review of all spending. finance Minister Kevin Doherty says that's a big hole to fill and tough decision have been made. (In February, Doherty said the province was aiming for a 259-million dollar deficit in the upcoming budget to be tabled Wednesday, but Wall has since hinted that number could be higher.)

Date: 2016-05-30
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Transcript Prediction: << I think it's fair to say that that everything will be on the table I know that sounds cliche and it sounds like a politician's answer but it literally is a fact that everything will be on the table with respect to what we want to look at it from an expenditure side and the revenue side >>