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2016-06-02 | SASKbudget

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Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall says the province needs to look at core services it has to deliver in the future as it grapples with a 434-million-dollar deficit this year. The review will start with the appointment of a special commissioner to recommend options for fewer health regions and more efficient delivery of services. Todd MacKay with the Canadian Taxpayers Federation says any review has to extend beyond health and education. (To save money in this budget, the province is scrapping a tax credit for families with children participating in cultural, recreational and sports activities and cutting funding for parks in five cities.)

Date: 2016-06-02
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Transcript Prediction: << tell him we're looking at a transformative change and and controlling spending love you be very specific needs to happen for all of them it has to happen across government look when your when your family budget is tight you have to look at all of them all of your areas where you spending make priorities and trim wherever possible the fact is there's room to trim >>