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2016-06-03 | Old Growth Forests

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University of Northern B-C forests expert Darwyn Coxson says the newly-created Ancient Forest provincial park east of Prince George is the location of the world's only known inland temperate rainforest. Coxson says if a person was dropped blindfolded among the forest's thousand-year-old cedars, he would think he was on B-C's coast. (Coxson says the area's ancient cedars were slated for logging until residents and First Nations started raising concerns.)

Date: 2016-06-03
Placeline: VICTORIA.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << start with a really should be there if you look at those sort of the range of precipitation that supports an ancient Cedar stand like this that are draped in mosses these other stands a few walkthrough them in life could somehow drop you in them into the Blindfolded you would think you were on Haida gwaii or Vancouver Island >>