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2016-06-21 | Foster Parents Shortage

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Canada is having a foster-parent crisis, with so few people willing to serve that one province is preparing to house infants in group homes if necessary. On Prince Edward Island, there are just 60 foster homes for about 225 children in care. Maureen MacEwen, provincial co-ordinator for PEI Child Protection Services, says cribs have been put in five provincial group homes in case a foster home can't be found for a baby. (Wayne MacFarlane, president of the PEI Federation of Foster Families, says the shortage is putting a lot of pressure on the foster parents left in the system. Sheila Durnford, president of the Canadian Foster Family Association, says there are lots of different ways to try to recruit new foster families, but the most effective is word-of-mouth from satisfied caregivers.)

Date: 2016-06-21
Source: The Canadian Press
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