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2016-06-21 | Saskatchewan CPP Reforms

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Saskatchewan finance Minister Kevin Doherty (DOH'-uhr-tee) says the province is not doing an about-face when it comes to Canada Pension Plan reform. The federal government reached an agreement with most of the provinces yesterday to revamp the program for the first time in nearly two decades. Saskatchewan initially opposed the change, but Doherty says the best option was to work on a national plan with a phased-in date starting in 2019. (Ontario had been pushing for an earlier start date, but Doherty says the compromise keeps Ontario in the national pension plan.)

Date: 2016-06-21
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Transcript Prediction: << another provinces that I think fell in line with that to an agreement in and that's where we ended up so I think you know we played a constructive role knowing full well that had we not gone along with it something would have been imposed upon us and maybe was less palatable >>