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2016-06-24 | SCOC Breast Cancer

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The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled in favour of three women who argued their breast cancers were caused in a hospital where they worked as lab technologists. Lawyer Tonie Beharrell (BEE'-ha-rul), who represents the Health Sciences Association of B-C on behalf of two of the women, says the precedent-setting case is a victory for all health workers who care for others. She says the high court's decision means the causation of an occupational disease doesn't have to be established to a medical certainty, but that the Workers' Compensation Appeal Tribunal has the authority to weigh the evidence. (Beharrell says the cancer cluster at the lab at Mission Memorial Hospital goes back to at least to 1990, and there were six cases between 2000 and 2005.)

Date: 2016-06-24
Placeline: VANCOUVER.
Source: The Canadian Press
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Transcript Prediction: << do in this case there was no medical evidence that said yes absolutely these black panthers were caused by something in the workplace what there was was evidence that said there is a statistically significant cancer cluster and increased rate of breast cancer is 8 times that of what you would expect in the general BC population >>