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2016-06-27 | Saskatchewan Child Abuse

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Former hockey player turned child advocate Sheldon Kennedy says organizations need to be better able to share information when kids are risk. Manitoba introduced legislation last week to allow child and family services, police and schools to better share information when it's in the best interests of the child and Alberta already has a similar law. Speaking at the Saskatchewan legislature, Kennedy says information sharing is critical to child protection. (Kennedy revealed 20 years ago that he was abused by his junior hockey coach, then went on to battle alcohol and drug problems as he struggled to come to terms with what had happened.)

Date: 2016-06-27
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Transcript Prediction: << what we're going to look at that we're going to look to see what what the extent of the information-sharing protocols are in the in the Alberta legislation and in the proposed Manitoba legislation and if they said if they after some discussions with the information privacy commissioner if we think we need to make some further enhancements to our legislation I think that that's a I think we will but it's a good place to start but we certainly have to have that dialogue >>